Lotus iNotes

IBM® Lotus® iNotes™ is a reliable and feature-rich Web solution that provides IBM Lotus Notes users with browser-based access to their Notes mail, calendar, and contacts. Lotus iNotes (previously called Domino Web Access) software combines with IBM Lotus Domino® software to help improve user efficiency by providing a modern, easy-to-use client interface that is flexible and available both online and offline. It provides secure access to a set collaboration tools that users can take advantage of using a variety of Web browsers across multiple platforms. Domino administrators can maintain and control a standard and consistent experience for users through centralized Lotus Domino administrative policies that set or enforce mail settings for Lotus iNotes users. In addition, Lotus iNotes has full offline support via Domino Off-Line Services (DOLS), integrated instant messaging, and can be configured to integrate Lotus Quickr support.

Lotus iNotes includes three modes that allow users to access their Notes mail using the mode that best fits their immediate needs:

Full Mode - Provides the full array of integrated collaboration tools for environments that provide full broadband connections. It is ideal when you are working in your office and need full access to all of the rich iNotes features.

Lite mode - This focused experience includes mail, contacts, and calendar and is best suited for slow connections or bandwidth constrained networks. This mode is ideal when you need to access mail in a public place, such as at a kiosk.

Ultra-light mode - This versatile mode is available either on a mobile device (initially available on the Apple iPhone or iPod Touch using Apple Safari), or on your desktop (using Mozilla Firefox) as the accessible mode of iNotes.

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